Before the fall
Self imposed mind wall
Lifetime grandeur belief 
Ego centric release

Before the winter of our disconnect
Perceptions guarded and bent
No body does it better 
Perpetual enigma debtor 

Born for greatness 
The truth of demise
Ultimate isolation 
By no means apologize

Dreaded new comer with progressive ideas
Keep your enemies closer out of imagined fear
How dare you ask for vital advice
Watch and learn... Don't ask twice

Catch me if you can
The interrogator seeping 
Protagonist weeping
Eccentric artist grimacing
Pre Madonna feminist prancing

It's all too close for comfort
I think therefore, I am


Magnificent eye candy of desire and fantasy
Next door the Jones's peek in with curious need...

Mine is bigger than yours,
Adjustment compounded by discussion
The control factor fears being ignored...

Stretched to it's limit and then into shape

Slimmer is better, plasma screen hung,
Slimmer is better, through veins plasma run...

Captured in pockets of silicon pouches,
Silicon chips plugged into slots, looking like couches...

Remote Memories of physical appearance

Press the digit and change the scene
What once was the present passes into a dream...


Unbridled negative irrational passion 
Alerts the conviction of this resolve
Trembling sacred involuntary action
Quickens the heat in mind red flame

Release these treacherous inherited demons 
Hell fury gives birth to dreadful belief
Adrenaline rush erases all logic and reason
Crush the violator with invading defame.

Temper changes moral stability
Out the window flies truth and lies
Anger is the death of tranquility
Wrath carries out this reflexive incline

Heightened awareness of evolution apparent
An attack perpetrated, retaliation proceed
One way or another, conception interpret
Let loose the dogs of war to howl and scream

Rage is not to ask but why
'Tis not the courage to do or die
Engendered in us is a release valve fly 
Which refuses to open from time to time

Pressure contained, the body implores
Blood pumps loudly, ears deafened ignore
Tunnel vision ensues, slow motion review
Ignite the consequences devoid of remorse

Something wicked has been pondered
Mulled over thoughtfully determined, pristine
Vengeful plans with horrific outcome
Beckon the culmination of life and it's dreams 

What Have We Done?

I want it all... 
Redemption is just a contribution away
The root of evil is planted in your soul
Cultivate the seeds of opulence
Too much is not enough
Power is the payoff but not the goal
Greed is for greed's sake 

The fear of loss
The need to feed and be fed
Security is a Buy product but not the aim
Addicted to the appearance of greatness
Success does not breed these desires
Frugality and self indulgence combine to create the hunger
Insatiability is a sickness that can not be satisfied

Voracity is the drive; 
Covetousness the greater sin
Materialism is the psychosis; 
Acquisitiveness the pleasure
Avarice, the glamorous side of hoarding
Your appetite for purchase is nothing more than a Passion Play,
Wishful dreams of domination...

Oh ye misers with empty lives hold out your hand
Let me give you something you can never have...

Gazing skyward but for not to wail,
Arms extended wide upon tethered wood mimic a sail.
Head bowed in sorrowful disbelief,
Weeping ladies clamor at his feet.
Humanities sins scratch forth from the void tooth and nail.
Upon himself, betrayed and beaten. . .
Crowned king, stabbed and bleeding. . .
Not a word uttered for his redeeming.

A glutton for punishment.
A pilot deliverer. 
Alien manipulators send down the clouds. . .


Up from the bowels of my secret imaginings
Bubbling rapidly into esteem
Longingly grabbing for pleasure full schemes
Pulling your strings
Dance to my tune

Shackled wrist to the golden bedpost
Hindered restrains this beauty fair
Mental pictures enable, trigger plans dared
To disguise my motive and seize fertile ideas

Surrender unto this iron will of desire
Senses upheaval, Breast heaving, Sweat streaming
Fluid emotion proves winning inducement
Hypnotic projection come-hither to me

Salivating at your every protrusion
Larger than life, brain cinema groove
In Slow motion I conquer and sooth
Member in hand, self-torture's the art
Riding the tramway to the holiday inn heart

Where finally alone, I can seduce you...And keep you 

Secure in the lust that has burned me to the core...

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