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Redhook Rock Opera
Caesar's Brain Child  
Redhook is a Rock Opera Composed, Directed and Produced by Caesar. It played on Broadway to great success. This is the original soundtrack of that Opera. Completely sung and performed by Caesar it is the original recordings that were used to teach the entire Broadway Cast all the numbers in the show. The DVD of the Broadway Show is also available and contains The Documentary of the Making of Redhook and well as the Live Stage Performance at The Lambs Theater. I know you will enjoy hearing this version and then watching the Opera.

Seduction Show

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The Opera 

Enter the mean streets of Brooklyn where passion and pain erupt 
into an explosive ROCK OPERA! Feel the heart pounding rhythms 
as a poor gang leader and a beautiful rich girl find LOVE in the 
middle of a neighborhood turf war.

The Documentary

Experience the emotional drama behind the scenes as the actors 
prepare for the show. Watch the process unfold from the 
hilarious auditions to the breathless last moment before the 
curtain magically rises.